Cavalry - 5th Battalion

Lt Col. Jim McGlincy, Commanding


1st Sgt Steve Glassmann


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 Winder Cavalry, 1st Maryland, Company E


Captain Garrett Shipley


Lt. PJ Fahey

 Winder Cavalry, 1st Maryland, Company A


 Lt. Shane Keenan


Sgt. Scott Hayward

 Maryland Civilian Militia


Kara Hayward, Commanding






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11th Virginia Cavalry, Co F

 Maj. Wayne Doughtery...Retired




Cavalry - 5th Battalion right wing
General's Mounted Guard
 Dismounted Rear Guard

John Brasuk, Battalion Field Commander

1st Virginia Cavalry, Co A Mounted

 Capt. John Brasuk

1st Virginia Cavalry, Co B


1st Virginia Cavalry, Co C

 Capt. Mike Schaffer