Army of The Valley
      Valley Division, Army of Northern Virginia


the Confederate States Artillery Corps

New members always welcome.

Valley now accepts both CS and US members

An NRA Affiliate

Valley Division is an association of independent reenactment units.

All Are Welcome.

  Valley Div. is Recruiting New Infantry Units from Company size to the Battalion Level.
All New Units of 15 or more will receive a 10 Pound Powder Bounty when joining.
Bounties are also being offered to Cavalry companies .
Call 304-622-8297 email
Valley Division covers all members with some of the finest insurance in the hobby.
All member units are independent . Valley has a hands off policy.
Your unit is your unit  !
If you are tired of being told what events you must attend or how to run your company
Valley Division might be a good choice for you.

Offer good for units from WV, VA, E-OH, W-PA, W-MD, and E-KY -- units that will attend WV events.


Last Updated   2023
Logo by Lt Col Bob Mills [ Preacher Bob ]
Created as a gift to the Valley Division from Hampton's Artillery.
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General Robert Pratt

gone to his reward but fights on