As the smoke clears to the sun above, it is time to remember

those who we left behind, never to see another day.

Original Confederate Valley District

Formed May 1861 through 1865

The Area consisted of : The District of Winchester , Virginia and from Staunton , Virginia to the most northern point of the Armies ,East and West , from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Allegheny Mountains

Division Policy Statement

At all times 

     be safety oriented at all times

     be non-political

     use the Military structure set in place

     maintain a quality of authenticity with reality

     promote a family-oriented atmosphere

     take in to account that Re-enacting has different meanings to various people

     stay together, camp together and fight together - ALL branches and function as a division at all events both large and small

     utilize all branches of service simultaneously in actions of any size

     guarantee Event Standards and Battlefield Standards before sanctioning

     utilize the branch of service in the branch for which they are designated

Who We Are

** Rule number 1 - We will not have politics in our outfit !!!

** Rule number 2 - We are happy to have you, if you abide by rule number 1.

We are the Army of Northern Virginia - Valley Division. ** We are NOT ANV **.

The membership is an association of independent Soldiers, Companies, Battalions, Period Civilians and 1st Persons with the same goals on what reenacting should be. Re-enacting should be fun while showing the true life experiences of the past.

Our Motto is : *Trust, *Respect, *Honor and *Loyalty to the Division.

If you can abide by rules 1 and 2, and believe in the same purpose, come join in the fun. We would enjoy having you in our association.

Valley Division Event Chain of Command: This is the chain of command for all Valley events. All Scenarios and battle plans will have input from Event Host or Unit, all Valley Staff & Field Staff. Please see Event Chain of Command flow Chart.


          Schedule of Events


             See Unit Scheduals for Detailed Info

        Fort Wallace Wood, Ga                   Valley Event




     NCWAA School of the Piece.         Valley Event




     Buchanan, Va.                                  Valley Event




     Barboursville, W.Va.                       Valley Event          




      Machais, Ny         Go at will




     Old Bedford Village, Pa       Go at will




     Gettysburg, Pa     Valley support event




     White Sulphur Springs,W.Va              Valley Event




     Droop Mountain, W.Va.                     Valley Event




     Guyandotte, W.Va.  1-3                      Valley Event



Ceder Creek      is also go at will for any units that wants to attend

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