We are

The Valley Division, Army of Northern Virginia


As the smoke clears to the sun above, it is time to remember

those who we left behind, never to see another day.



Original Confederate Valley District

Formed Oct 1861 through 1865

Army of the Valley's area operation was defined as the area between the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Alleghenies and extended south from the Potomac River to the vicinity of Staunton, Virginia

 and covered an area of roughly five thousand square miles.

Division Policy Statement

     be safety oriented at all times

     be non-political

     use the Military structure set in place

     maintain a quality of authenticity with reality

     promote a family-oriented atmosphere

     take in to account that Re-enacting has different meanings to various people


Who We Are

We are the Valley Division, Army of Northern Virginia

** We are NOT ANV **.

** Rule number 1 - We will not have politics in our organization !!!

** Rule number 2 - We are happy to have you, if you abide by rule number 1.


Our Motto is *Trust, *Respect, *Honor, and *Loyalty to the Division.

The Valley Division is an association of independent Soldiers, Companies, Battalions, Period Civilians and 1st Person Impressionists with a common goal of presenting true history and preserving our culture. Re-enacting should be fun while allowing spectators a glance at true life experiences from the past. Valley Division covers all members with some of the finest insurance in the hobby. All member units are independent. Valley has a hands off policy. Your company is your company !


If you are tired of being told what events to attend or how to run your company

Valley Division might be a good choice for you.



Valley Division Event Chain of Command

 Please see Event Chain of Command flow Chart.


Schedule of Events

All events are go at will.

See Unit Scheduals for Detailed Info




 NCWAA School of the Piece.       Valley Event




 Buchanan, Va.       Valley Event




 Old Bedford Village, Pa       Go at will      




 Gettysburg, Pa @ Daniel Lady Farm   Max Effortl




 White Sulphur Springs,W.Va  Valley Event




 Droop Mountain, W.Va.     Valley Event




 Machias, NY.           Valley Event




 Ceder Creek         Go at will




 Barboursville, W.Va.          Valley Event




 Guyandotte, W.Va.  1-3        Valley Event






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