Command Staff                                                                                                
     Division Commander
 General R. House
    Aide de Camp

Division Adjutant Maj. A. Valentine


Staff Chief of Cavalry
Chief of Staff and Artillery . 3rd Battn Chief of Infantry
Lt Col. Mc Glincy
contact at


Col. Roger House
519 Turkey Run Road
Mt. Clare, W.Va. 26408
********************* B.Gen. Mike Cornelius


       Division Wide General Staff
1st Battalion Chief of Infantry
  Div. Chaplain    
Acting Staff Engineer

Acting BC Maj Eric Saho


John Campbell            


Maj. H. Freed
Image Taker Provost Marshal
Deputy Provost Marshal
Pvt. L.Taylor

1st Lt. Richard L. Crown

Capt. John Schneider
Division Field Staff
     Infantry Field Commander                                           Artillery Field Safety Officer                                              4th Battalion Engineer
        Brevet Major Eric Saho                                                     Brevet Major Carl McCoy