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Are you looking for a home with good insurance and no politics?

Army of the Valley Division is for you!!

CS and now also US

  Attn. Troops and Civil War Reenactors, Are you looking for an umbrella group to join? The Army of the Valley Division is looking for you. We are an association of independent units, that provides very good insurance coverage for all our membership, while maintaining a hands off attitude. Your unit is your unit! Your business is your own and not ours. We are all independent Units here. No group is too small or too large. We have openings in Artillery, Infantry, Cavalry and Specialty areas, ranging form the single member to the independent Battalion level. For info call 304-622-8297 or email:  


We provide our members with liability insurance as well as accidental medical coverage.


Attention Large units: We have openings for Staff officers in command of your own large unit, as your own Battalion.

For info call 304-622-8297

or email


No unit is too small or too large.

We also have openings for individual members in any and all of our units listed on the web page.

Find us on Facebook:

If interested please contact the commander of that unit or



Join the CS Artillery Corps


for info email


Are you tired of being left out of the battle planning stage,

asked to do things you know aren't safe,

left on the field far too long,

or placed in a poor location by infantry commanders that don't know or understand artillery??

Join the Confederate Artillery Corps, and help us all speak with a louder voice!

We are often one of the largest commands on the field. We are on the field an hour or more before

anyone else, and we are often on the field an hour after everyone else.  Most infantry commanders just don't get it.

Speak with a louder voice! Join the CS Artillery Corps.